Girl Spot: Talecraft Teaches Poveda Girls the Value of Growth in Character Design Workshop

Character Design Workshop

Ria Lu doing the workshop

“Do we really need to make our characters grow?”

This was just one of the questions brought up by the fourth grade girls of Saint Pedro Poveda College during Talecraft’s Character Design Workshop on February 11, 2015. Talecraft, in cooperation with Quill, the school’s writing organization, held the workshop to help encourage and give more advanced learning to the fourth graders of the school with writing potential.



“It is important we train aspiring writers,” says Ria Lu, creator of Talecraft and the one who gave the workshop that day. “And I am glad Poveda has the vision to start them young.”

Talecraft was originally designed for high school and college students, but elementary school students playing it are on the rise. Lu shared that this wasn’t the first elementary school group the Talecraft team has given a workshop to. And that they intend to conduct more school workshops to help encourage writing among the young.