Ryan Sumo is currently the lead artist and cofounder of Squeaky Wheel, an indie PC game studio creating strategy and simulation games in the Philippines. Their current title, Academia : School Simulator, is currently on Early Access in Steam. Previously, he was a freelance artist that worked on indie hits Spacechem and Prison Architect. He was also the IGDA Manila chairperson for 3 years starting in 2010, when he helped organize the first Manila Game Jam.


My Unlikely Quest from Freelancer to Cofounder

If you have ever had doubts about what you are doing, this talk is for you. Ryan Sumo talks about his circuitous route to becoming the cofounder of a studio with one flop (Political Animals) and one successful Early Access game (Academia : School Simulator). Along the way he offers insights as to how he survived long enough to get there.

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