Hal has amassed over 15 years of international video games, technology and Blockchain industry experience across global markets, having lived and worked across Asia, Europe and the US. Hal is CEO of MagnaChain, a soon-to-be-launched new public Blockchain protocol. He is also a Board Member of SmartChain Media, a new streaming entertainment offering that merges fan-based media and premium content, social media and crowdfunding into one, easy-to-use platform. Hal also advises both Asia and US-based Blockchain related companies. Hal previously worked in the esports industry with ESL (the worlds leading esports company), developing the company’s business in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and Japan. Hal was also co-founder at Nemesis, a Singapore-based startup and casual esports gaming platform focusing on B2B and mobile. Prior to that, Hal held roles at Codemasters, as Vice President of Distributor Territories and Emerging Markets and previous to that, he was with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (PlayStation), heading up their efforts in Central and Eastern Europe.


Game Industry Issues and how Blockchain Technology Can Solve Them

Hal Bame, CEO of Magnachain, talks about current problems in the game industry, and how blockchain technology is a unique solution that can help usher in this exciting new era of gaming for game developers and players – and help game developers have a much healthier P&L along the way.

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