Maarten Noyons is best known as the founder of the International Mobile Gaming Awards, the largest competition for mobile games in the world since 2004. The competition is now running in China, Southeast Asia, Middle East North Africa and the Global competition’s Awards Ceremony took place on March 20 2018. Maarten started out as a producer of music videos in London and Amsterdam, and moved to TV licensing in the 90s, selling TV formats and TV rights worldwide. In 1997 he co-founded a private incubator, which he sold in 2001. Next to running the IMGA, Maarten is working on the development of the egg a pre-launch platform for games, connecting game makers to their first players.


Putting Blockchain Games in Perspective: How could this look 20 years from now?

How could this look 20 years from now. 20 years ago Snake, the first mobile game was created. Today there are more mobile games players than all PC and Console players togethers. Many things have changed since 1997. What if we apply this to Blockchain Games, what will the landscape be in 2038?

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