Max Murray is the Business Development Manager for Faceware Technologies in Los Angeles, and works directly with animation studios, Universities, and indie teams worldwide. In addition, he’s the head of Faceware’s Video Game Division, where he works directly with AAA game companies with proven Faceware pipelines, like Infinity Ward, Bungie, EA, NetherRealm, and helps them reach new frontiers with their in-game and cinematic facial animation results. He has traveled worldwide to talk animation at conferences, including GamesCom, GDC, Siggraph, MIGS and Oculus Connect. He holds a B.A. in Digital Media Art & Design from Duquesne University, and an Entertainment Industry Management Masters degree from Carnegie Mellon University. He is a Scorpio, has a pet cactus named Daniel, and is known to lie on the last sentences of his bios.


Lights, Camera, ANIMATION! An overview of Facial Mocap

Studios and animation teams across the world rely on facial motion capture to bring lifelike, human emotion into their 3D and digital characters. We’ll explore the different ways to capture an actor’s performance, including various setups, techniques, and best practices. We’ll then cover the facial tracking process and how this is then retargeted and applied onto digital characters.

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