Game as Life

Using Game Principles to Reduce AttritionĀ 

Last July 21, I gave a talk to the Junior and Assistant Managers of PSBank on innovation and gamification. One of the things we discussed was what made a good game, and how defining and designing things at work just like a good game can help reduce employee attrition. We got to talking about one game I used to play.

Some years ago, I got into this mobile game called Game Dev Story by Kairosoft. I found that I really enjoyed the game, and ended up playing it around three times over. When my friends asked me what it was about, I told them, “It’s a game where you play as the CEO of a game company, and you need to grow it.” And they always went, “But aren’t you already doing that in real life?”

So, what’s the difference? The difference is perspective. When we’re in a game, challenges are expected. In fact, if there weren’t any challenges, we’d get bored of the game. But it seems we’re always so surprised when challenges suddenly appear in real life.

Here’s a challenge for you. Try to condition your mind to expect challenges. Think of the possible problems that might arise. What is the worst that could happen in that situation? What would it take to solve it? Determine these things beforehand. And when a challenge does arise, don’t take it personally. Treat it as a puzzle to be solved. And I challenge you to challenge the challenge and have fun with it.


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